August 1, 2009


The latest Anthropologie catalogue arrived today.

Honestly? I think their stuff is ridiculously priced, but I love their catalogues. They usually feature interesting fashion and jewelry and an eclectic collection of textiles for the home. Everything is beautifully photographed, and becomes fodder for my richly imagined fantasy life. I can *totally* see me living in the atelier pictured above!

This issue also has a sheath dress that's heavily textured with embroidered running stitches. I think detailing like this would look good on a cardigan, too -- maybe not the entire cardi but small areas like the hem and cuffs or the buttonband. Check out that chunky vintage-looking necklace -- very cool.

And this goldfish pillow ($118!) reminds me that I have a sashiko koi pattern in my craft to-do queue. I've been wondering what I could do with the finished piece, but now I've got an idea...

Anthropologie is online at

You can also request your own catalogue -- because everyone likes to dream.

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