March 30, 2012

Wild Olive's Stitch Swap

So this month, I decided to do something I've always wanted to do: participate in a crafting swap. Since embroidery and knitting are kind of my thing, Wild Olive's Stitch Swap was the perfect challenge. I'll be honest, I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to embroidery and hand-sewing. I have a small repertoire of stitches, most of them are basic. And I had never before done any kind of finishing to my pieces to make them "wall ready." Mostly I stitch textiles like towels or t-shirts. So I stretched myself a little, and over all, I'm pretty pleased with the results:

After doing some stealth research on my secret stitch pal, I discovered that she has a Boston Terrier. I hope my little embroidery piece reminds her of him.

To see more of everyone's stitching, check out the Flickr pool.