August 18, 2009

My Past Life

Most people don't know this about me but I took cello lessons for almost 5 years. I had to give the cello up when my husband became terminally ill with kidney and liver failure. I still have my cello, although I haven't played it in over 7 years. But lately I've had a strong urge to get it out and start practicing again. I loved playing the cello and I love hearing music that features this beautiful instrument. It's so evocative and melancholy, and has such a rich timbre -- it's entirely different from any other string instrument and so much more expressive in my opinion. One of my favorite CDs is Yo-Yo Ma playing the Bach suites. Yo-Yo is a god -- an incredible artist. His mastery of the cello is humbling and also inspirational. If you have the chance, listen to his interpretation of the Bach suites. And then give his "Appalachian Waltz" a spin. Two entirely different genres of music, both impressively interpreted by an awesome musician. As for me, I think I might soon be dusting off my own instrument and tuning it up. Let's hope my bow still has its hair.

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