September 2, 2011

Every Day I Write the Book*

I've never been someone who keeps a journal or diary. It takes time and self-discipline, both of which I never seem to have enough of. But I keep hearing over and over about how important keeping a regular journal is to the creative process, whatever your outlet is. And I get it -- I do. It's just that I feel so, well....uninspired. My life is....mundane. Ordinary. Boring. And I like mundane and ordinary, for the most part (drama is really overrated, trust me). But the very qualities that make for a relatively comfortable existence don't necessarily lend themselves to scintillating self-expression.

And then I saw this. And this.

And I've been thinking about one of these.

And I'm feeling kind of...inspired.

I like the 30 Days of _____ idea. And starting with lists is brilliant. For me, it's perfect -- I can take the day's topic and expand on it as much or as little as I want to. Or have time for. And I love lists -- I'm always making mental lists of things. And so without further ado:

Things I'm Looking Forward To

1.  Receiving my new Fuji Instax 210 and experimenting with it;
2.  Lunch at Zono on Monday with my friends, Penny and Sue;
3.  Finishing my current embroidery project
     (it's a secret for now since it's for someone's birthday);
4.  Starting 2 new embroidery projects:
  • A black-work portrait of Franny based on a pen-and-ink drawing that some friends' daughter did years ago;
  • Feeling Stitchy's September Stitch-Along;

* Every Day I Write the Book is an Elvis Costello song. Because my life has an 80s soundtrack.

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